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Unschooling the Artists Within Atelier

# 15

Artistas Sin Miedo Challenge 2021


I have been an art maker as far back as I can remember. Art has allowed me to explore and release emotions, and to heal and grow.

I thrive and am most inspired when creating freely, allowing and listening to whatever needs to come through. My goal has always been to develop, nurture and trust in my own artistic rhythm and expression as well as to guide others in doing the same.

Artistas Sin Miedo Challenge 2021

This week’s writing prompt:

What is it that you most struggle with in your art practice?

What do you need to shift in order to live out your artistic goals?

This week’s visual art prompt:

2021 Vision Board 

This is my last blog for the year 2020. I like to reserve the last week of November and the month of December of each year for goal setting, decompressing and hibernation. 

In this time I always set out to accomplish the following:

  • Clean out and organize my emails and DMs. I like to start the new year with an empty inbox.
  • Start new spreadsheets for next year’s blog editorial and workflow calendar.
  • Organize my art supplies and space.
  • Set my weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goal in my trusted Clever Fox Planner.
  • Reflect on how the year in art has gone so far, my takeaways. This helps me grow tremendously.

I am also excited to launch the Artistas Sin Miedo (Fearless Artists) Challenge 2021. My biggest struggle as an artist is time management and prioritizing my art making. Every year I make personal art goals, larger projects I would like to tackle, and somewhere along the way they go by the wayside. This is why the Artistas Sin Miedo challenge. My hope for this challenge is that it helps us all achieve the art goals we set for ourselves in 2021 while providing us with group accountability. 

How will this challenge work?

  1. You will set quarterly art goals for 2021, January - March, April-June, July-September, October-December. This could be four different projects or one large project for the year split up into chunks. Customize it to your desire.
  2. Post your first quarter goal on Instagram #artistassinmiedo2021. You can post only that first quarter goal or all of them, up to you. This will be our platform throughout the year to offer support and share our achievements.
  3. I will talk about my goals and tools I use to achieve them in my blog posts throughout the year. Feel free to DM me @yanasimaginarium with any questions or wonderings.

To set yourself up for a strong 2021 look back on the The You vs YOU Challenge 6 week series. These will help you a lot with the Artistas Sin Miedo Challenge as well.

Thank you so much for participating and connecting with me throughout these past months about the Unschooling the Artist Within Atelier blog series.

See you in January 2021 and I look forward to seeing your goals on Instagram, #artistassinmiedo2021.


"Lesson for the Day: vision is always ahead of execution - and it should be." - David Bayles Click To Tweet


# 15

"Lesson for the Day: vision is always ahead of execution - and it should be." - David Bayles
Artistas Sin Miedo Challenge 2021

# 14

"Your practice deserves the work you’re putting in now. This is also true for your goals and your dreams- you must put in the work to build in the direction you want to go. Don’t wait. " - Beth Pickens
I can't draw! I am not an Artist!

# 13

“ You can’t plan a revelation. You can’t PLAN to have an idea. But you can create a play field where it might land.” - Lynda Barry
The Artistic Process

# 12

“It’s easier to paint in the angels’ feet to another’s masterwork than to discover the angels within yourself.” - Art & Fear, 1993
The Artist Manifesto

# 11

“Some people change when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.” - Caroline Schroeder
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 6

# 10

“Getting clear about the past allows you to separate yesterday’s issues from today’s reality.” (Gottman & DeClaire, 2011, p. 167).
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 5

# 9

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” - Brene Brown
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 4

# 8

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”- Peter Hollins
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 3

# 7

"Subtle and consistent ways in which you make decisions based on fear can have a profound effect on the course of your life. " - Seth J. Gillihan
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 2

# 6

“If you don’t have a plan, you become a part of somebody else’s plan.” - Terence McKenna
The You vs YOU Six Week Challenge, Week 1

# 5

“The man who is educated is the one who learns to learn.” - Carl Rogers
Setting the stage: What is Andragogy?

# 4

"The goal of process painting is the act of creating in the moment without any pressure to perform or be confined by the use of a particular medium or technique, nor worry about showcasing talent or accomplishment."
Setting the Stage: Process Painting and Art as Healing

# 3

"Art is in the unique position of helping the individual more fully realize their potential." (Ryder, 1987)
Setting the Stage: Art Education for Self-Actualization

# 2

"I soon realized that in order for me to become the artist I deep down knew I was, I would need to unschool myself of everything I knew about traditional art education as well as anything I had been told about being an artist and living the life of one."
Setting The Stage: What Is Unschooling?

# 1

Lowenfeld and Brittain (1982, p. 8) share that, “Whenever we hear growing artists say ‘I can't draw’, we can be sure that some kind of interference has occurred in their lives."
Introduction And What To Look Forward To