Who could have imagined that the dreaming boy would one day find himself returning to San Francisco with his second film. Who could have imagined that year after year he would be welcomed by Albena and Niki, the kindest of hosts and friends whose Airbnb has been my home away from home away from home. Where, just out of the back yard, I can walk up and rest under the eucalyptus, to count my blessings as many as its leaves, to watch another sunset draw open the curtain for yet another screening tonight! Imagine is all one can do, under the eucalyptus where dreams do come true, not because of a single boy, but because of the hearts of the many who come together when one follows his calling.

Tonight the screening is bittersweet as a gentle man, an American who rekindled my love for my heritage is no longer with us. He is part of the story of the eucalyptus now and will live in my heart forever. Thank you Tom Derring for the love you showed me I am capable of giving. See you at the movies tonight, San Francisco!