We are born without memories. Or are we? We are born out of emptiness, become full and return to emptiness. Or do we? I used to worry about empty seats, where and how my films will be seen. Most of all, I used to worry how my films would be perceived. Then, one day I quit worrying and decided to speak my truth and if people connect to it - great. If they don’t - great. With THERE, both through filming and touring, I’ve met people who live and celebrate their truth daily. One of them is Tanya Kostova who has led the San Francisco community for twenty years. “Oh, Tanya, your grandmother is a big antika,” would speak her grandfather. Like a treasure chest, an antika is the keeper or traditions, wisdom and culture. An antika bridges the ancient and the modern and, therefore, inspires both reverence and a desire to know more about one’s roots. So Tanya, an antika herself, created Antika Bulgaria Cultural Club/Chitalishte. Thank you Tanya and all the antikas around you for your kindness and wisdom! I can’t wait to be back again in San Francisco! Connect with ANTIKA Bulgaria here!