The film premiered in front of 80 people which was double the number we expected. After the movie two gentlemen introduced themselves. Both Bulgarian emigrants from the 60s and 70s when Bulgaria was still ruled by the communist party. One more talkative than the other with visible longing for what, over 40 years ago, was his home. The other, silver hair, listening with the mindfulness and patience of an eighty year old man who has been through more than several stories. I come to find out he was a political prisoner. A prisoner with a past he wishes to share. And so a new adventure begins! I am humbled and honored that the film brought out these old emigrants and can only hope that we continue to meet each other at events like this and continue to exchange our stories in the conversations that follow. Thank you to every single audience member who made our Portland premiere such a special evening!

Thank you Jan for recommending the theater, Luba, Vesko and Vania for helping get the word out and Podkrepa Bulgarian - Macedonian Association for your support! Like Filmabee for more stories! See you at the movies!