After a sold out screening in San Francisco, we sold out in LA. While I made the movie, THERE is what it is because of the people in it. It is those people, back in Bulgaria, who make up our collective experience of the film. And it is truly magical to see this movie the old school way, on the big screen! I fell in love with the movies watching them in the movie theatre, getting there 20 minutes before a showing to do some daydreaming. In those daydreams my own films played up there. I guess I was practicing magic from a little kid without knowing it was magic I was playing with. Now that we have all been together in Los Angeles, ‘there’ and ‘here’ draw closer and closer. Here in the audience and there, on the big screen bring me back to my childhood. Or perhaps just awake the child in me who had forgotten about his 20 minutes of daydreaming.

Our next stop is Vancouver BC in Canada and we are currently discussing a second screening in Los Angeles. Thank you Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela for your support over the years! Thank you LA friends and family for coming out! Follow the tour at Filmabee and www.filmabee.com. See you at the movies!