Human activity here has been dated to 5,000 BC. Bulgaria is at a crossroads where culture after culture flourished upon more culture. Without a guide we would have been lost in speculation. When excavations began, almost 20 years ago, the Turkish population nearby set up guard at the site. The mountain top had been known to them for centuries and while it was sacred for Bulgarians, the Turks recognized its historical value. This act of civic duty prevented looting. Our guide told us the story as an example of tolerance and respect between Bulgarians and Turks living together in many southern cities and villages. When walking barefoot I discovered the rock to be soft and kind to the feet! I fell in love with this image as it is a living breathing set. All we need to do is dress as knights, monks or trolls, and as we say in Bulgarian, “Холивуд ряпа да яде!” (meaning: Hollywood can go eat radishes!)