I meet up with kaval teacher and musician Nikolay Doktorov. "On Tuesdays, I teach the blind to play music. Before dying, my father went blind so I have a soft spot for them," explains maestro Doktorov as we drive to a nearby village. Featured in the photo above are the children we are there to see. Their parents don't have much money to spend on instruments or lessons, so once a week, on Fridays, they gather to learn from the maestro who volunteers his time. A third day of the week he teaches mentally-ill children. Three times a week, this humble man makes a great effort to help his community despite a full time job. He truly believes in the power of music to unite. Witnessing his tender, patience laden approach to teaching I can't help but imagine what the world would feel like with more people like him. Thank you, maestro! You are truly an inspiration!