Just before the 45th US president took power, a letter arrived: your case has been approved and your green card is being issued. A year later the traffic light of my dreams would remain stuck on red now 23 years in a row. Green was avoiding me in more than one area of life. I visited the local immigration office four times in six months. All the clerks knew me by name, smiled politely, but remained powerless. I finally contacted a lawyer who expedited the process for which I will remain deeply indebted. (If you need a respectable and kind human in the face of an immigration lawyer contact me.) My green card arrived in February of 2018. Landing on planet Bogdan, the little piece of hardened paper opened a deep wound which ruthlessly bled my flesh and soul. I would measure every decision in my adult life against the scales of freedom forevermore. A shadow beyond my imagination unleashed a torrent of emotions and "chance" meetings which unfolded like an intergalactic novel. A framed mind could never compose such poetic justice. Social and family reigns could not contain my ruptured spirit, so I made plans to leave the continent of opportunity as soon as the next ship docked. Cast in turmoil, my life created abroad over two decades was about to implode and cover those I loved in ash. Fortunately, the Universe guided my course in a nurturing direction. An inner journey rippled deep bellow the surface of status quo, pushing me to break a vicious cycles of repetitive destructive patterns. I can only wish this revelation upon foe and friend alike. The mirror held up to my bloodshot eyes showed me a life as devastating, humbling and transcendental as we make it to be. As I redoubled my effort to navigate the deep waters of my own psyche, Bulgaria beckoned me with a voice as sweet as love's whisper. July morning I woke up in my homeland in the ancient town of Plovdiv. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plovdiv) My gratitude to all of those kindhearted souls who loved, supported and reserved judgement extends beyond words. I only hope my actions, infused with divine guidance and discipline, illuminate and expose all the frames of this new adventure in a manner worthy of sharing. Stay attuned! Stay curious!