TAM/THERE Bulgaria 2019 Tour

За носталгичните, за скептичните, за емоционално обвързаните, за примирените, за вдъхновените и силно любящите....

ЗА НАС, българите...

Една история, до която много от нас се доближават, други в момента преживяват, а трети съчувстват, с любов към България!

Филмите на Богдан са изцяло снимани с помощта от даренията на хора като Вас. Дарете за новия филм на Богдан, Кавал Парк, ТУК.

ВАРНА, 10-ти октомври, Социалната чайна, тук за информация

ЯМБОЛ, 14-ти октомври, Художествена Галерия Жорж Папазов, тук за информация

СОФИЯ, 18-ти октомври, Мисия 23, тук за билети и информация

ПЛОВДИВ, 20-ти октомври, LUCKY Cinema

Шипка 04/10/2019, Велико Търново 03/10/2019, София 19/09/2019, Пловдив 05/09/2019, Лилково 24/08/2019

After 18 cities and 21 showings of THERE on the big screen, our USA tour is over. Yet the journey is just beginning with premieres of the film being scheduled in Bulgaria!

60min., color, Bulgarian with English subtitles. Q&А with director Bogdan in attendance at every screening.

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FilmabeeVicePresidentofBulgaria with director Bogdan.jpeg

Director Bogdan welcomes the Vice President of Bulgaria Ms. Iotova to the Sofia premiere.

Inspired by the evening Bogdan published a post which you can read HERE both in Bulgarian and English.


“Богдане, нека вдъхновението те води винаги в дебрите на голямото филмово изкуство!”

Теодосий Спасов, след премиерата в София

So many smiles, so many beautiful people at the Sofia premiere on Sept 19th, 2019!


“I feel your film on a level that speaks so deeply to my own experiences

and struggles but also I feel for you and for your own story. And isn't that what makes a great film? The ability to make us feel things buried deep inside ourselves, to transcend us into another place…” ~ Joanna, artist and musician

WOW! Such a beautiful documentary,

reminding us that we at once can never go back "there," but that perhaps all that matters is that we indeed always carry it with us. If you have a chance to see this gem, I highly recommend it!" ~ Eric

Photo ©️Gabi Cociuba


“My one word to describe the film is - Love”

~ shares immigrant Tina, mother of two girls who have lived for the better part of their lives abroad.

Photo ©️Tom Tzenov


"Loved the movie

and the Romanian Film Festival was the perfect setting." ~ Violeta

photo credit @Eric Matza


Director Bogdan with sound designer Brian Richard Sloss

who took the film's sound design and mix to a whole different level! “Our goal was to tell a story with the sound design. Not to use it to accent a scene, but to view its progression and expression in contrast to what is shown visually and what is said. As the poetry gets darker so the wind picks up in intensity. As the waves crash they bring healing - the expansiveness of the sound is fine tuned to match the poetic nuances of the scene,” explains Bogdan.

Photo ©️Gabi Cociuba


Director Bogdan with partner, artist and sculptor Mariya Apostolova

who was the only one to see the entire film before the premiere and whose on screen role in the film as well as in giving Bogdan feedback was invaluable!

Photo ©️Tom Tzenov