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Where is home? 23 years after immigrating to the USA, Bogdan finally gets a green card, and returns to his homeland Bulgaria for the first time.

Documentary, 2018, 60 min., color, HD, some nudity, no violence. Bulgarian with English subtitles. Produced & directed by Bogdan, with the support of Bulgarian Education and Cultural Society PCHELA.


WE BELIEVE the film is a map for an inspired world drawn by the beautiful people in front of the camera. We want to share their light with as many people as possible.


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"As of late, I often ask myself - who am I in this world?"
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Audience reactions

Bogdan immigrates to Seattle, WA at age 18 with his little sister.
The director cleans toilets to pay for his theater & film education.
Receives his green card. Hurey!
THERE tours 18 cities in North America and 7 cities in Bulgaria.

Vice President of Bulgaria

Ms. Iotova at the Sofia premiere. Inspired by the evening Bogdan published a reflection which you can read here.

With partner, sculptor & artist

Mariya Apostolova who was the only one to see the entire film before the premiere and whose on screen role in the film as well as in giving Bogdan feedback was invaluable!

With sound designer

Brian Richard Sloss who took the film's sound design and mix to a whole different level! “Our goal was to tell a story with the sound design. Not to use it to accent a scene, but to view its progression and expression in contrast to what is shown visually and what is said.

As the poetry gets darker so the wind picks up in intensity. As the waves crash they bring healing - the expansiveness of the sound is fine tuned to match the poetic nuances of the scene,” explains Bogdan.

“THERE is a lovely, lovely film filled with universal truths and told with a disarming pure honesty. My wife is from England, a small farming community in the southwestern part of the country.  She's crying now because you so moved her.” - MIAMON

Explore. Create. EMPOWER.

25 Cities & 3 Countries

When I, at long last, received my green card we bought tickets to Bulgaria right away. Before departing on what would become a journey of deep healing and self-realization, I asked myself if I should film at all.

It took me about ten minutes to make the decision. A decision that has given me one of the greatest adventures of my life and a break-through film.  Moreover, the philosophical undertones of the film would challenge many of my own beliefs and the efficiency of many existing social constructs.

Nothing really compares to seeing a film on the BIG SCREEN in a communal setting. From the World Premiere of THERE in Seattle on November 4th, 2018 at the ever hospitable and innovative Romanian Film Festival, and in the exact movie theater I saw Scorsese's "Casino" in 1996, to a movie theater more than a 100 years old in Portland.

From the first community building erected in the USA by Bulgarian and Macedonian immigrants in 1930s Pittsburgh to the newly formed Bulgarian community in Nashville. From Manhattan in New York to the Bulgarian premiere in the village of Lilkovo in the Rhodope Mountains, the land of Orpheus.

By the end of 2019, I was overjoyed to connect to audiences face to face in 25 cities and 3 countries. THERE would be the start of a heartfelt cross-cultural-conversation through the power of film. One that inspired the creation of FILMABEE. A conversation I hope we get to continue right here, for I believe the film can be your guide like it was mine.

Thank you to all THERE-sapiens who came out in big numbers and those community leaders who brought us all together!

from village to steel

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Keep living your THERE!

   "My one word to describe the film is - Love.”
“I saw THERE and the next day called my mother to ask for forgiveness.”
“WOW! Such a beautiful documentary, reminding us that we at once can never go back “there,” but that perhaps all that matters is that we indeed always carry it with us. If you have a chance to see this gem, I highly recommend it!”
“I feel your film “There” on a level that speaks so deeply to my own experiences and struggles but also I feel for you and for your own story. And isn’t that what makes a great film? The ability to make us feel things buried deep inside ourselves, to transcend us into another place.”
“Bogdan has created a true piece of cinematic, art and storytelling, in the form of this amazing poetic documentary. I laughed, I cried, I was moved, inspired, and transported "There".  A perfect film for the times we live in, to inspire and connect us, and take us There.”
“THERE is a lovely, lovely film filled with universal truths and told with a disarming pure honesty. My wife is from England, a small farming community in the southwestern part of the country.  She's crying now because you so moved her.”