A man who loves plants and lives with a burden. Can music be a saving grace for a teenager in a dysfunctional family? How often have you felt stagnant?


70% of the revenue from streaming the movie will financially support director Alex, currently in post production for a spec series pilot "If A Tree Falls."


Narrative, 2015-18, short film collection, 43 min, color, HD, no nudity, no violence. English with no subtitles. Produced & directed by Alexander Sylvester. Co-produced by Fresh Cup Films.

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Alex completes filming for "Stagnant."
"Burden" is filmed on super 16 mm.
Alex's love for music inspires "Way Out Of Here."
Alex starts a blog "Introspective Musings."


25 Cities & 3 Countries

Whether it be through film, illustration or photography/digital manipulation, visual art has been a guiding force in my life since I was very young. It was when I was ten years old that I first got to experience playing around with a camcorder, and from there I've spent my life as a student to the world of film and video. I was lucky that all through public school I was always engaged in some form of course or program geared toward video production.

By the time I went to University to continue my studies, I began to explore what it was in the filmmaking process that I valued most. I soon learned that exploring my own creative and expressive voice was what truly fulfilled me, granting me a sense of purpose. Since then, I've been lucky enough to direct and produce a handful of short films, work as a freelance camera assistant/operator and build my portfolio.

Having been granted with these opportunities to grow my creative identity, I allowed space for myself to explore other visual mediums in tandem, leading me to eventually discover a love for drawing and digital photo manipulation. These mediums allow me to explore free, expressive and psychedelic realms that I couldn't quite reach within the scope of my films (for now).

These days, creative energy is a major player in my day to day being, and it is my pleasure to share that with you all here in my films or my blog "Introspective Musings."

from village to steel

"Exploring my own creative and expressive voice was what truly fulfilled me, granting me a sense of purpose."
- Alexander Sylvester, director
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