The Vice President of Bulgaria Ms. Iotova attended the Sofia premiere of the documentary THERE. Inspired by the evening producer & director Bogdan published this reflection.
Every photograph

ought to tell a story. A glance of history, a  gesture of thankfulness, a story told in a smile. My photo with the Vice  President of Bulgaria is a moment caught in the swing of the pendulum  THERE. A candid moment which perfectly illustrates the mood of the  audience at the premiere in Sofia. I am thankful to the team of the Vice  President who with professionalisms  and warmth made sure the logistics of the evening went well. I am  thankful that the Vice President accepted the invitation to attend  because, with gazes directed to the big screen, the destiny of the  audience is born in the moment, on the bridge between here and there. I  am thankful that the bridge, the dialogue THERE continues to bring us  together.

We, people, are paintings, movies painted by the  THERE of our parents. We are sketches drawn by the DNA-THERE of our  ancestors. Painted by the THERE of religion and ideology. We are  neighbours who made a contract to live one way and we have lived that  way to this day. But who is to say, in a neighbourly fashion, we can’t  agree to live another way?

We are divided into one, two,  three, a hundred, a thousand, a million thinking particles. We are a  people without a mirror. The mirror has been long broken and nobody told  us that its pieces can, afterall, be stars. May, by the measure of our  own strength, each one of us shine and make way for goodness to move  through the sand clock. Right now, on the deck of the ship called  destiny its guests are dancing a line dance in spite of the raging THERE sea storms. In life we are all passengers, guests of one another. To  live with the consciousness of a guest means that, should we will it, we  can turn the line dance into a spiral and, thus, flip the sand clock.  But in order for it to happen, we must all rid ourselves from the THERE  burden and become as small as a grain of sand.

And so, as we  are guests to each other, guest to the Earth, guests to Bulgaria and  guest to humanity, we celebrate and tell stories. Being together in my  hometown Sofia on September 19th, 2019 we continued to build a new THERE and I am deeply thankful to each and every one of the THEREsapiens who joined us!

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