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Why Filmabee?

☞ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You choose the price for our content and VOTE with your money.

And together we GIVE BACK, turning EVERY purchase into an investment.

Reimagining how movies and art are financed. Breaking the 'starving artist' myth. At least 70% of revenue remains for our filmmakers, writers and artists.

☞ A cross-cultural pollination. Curated to explore, create & empower with a focus on quality over quantity.

☞ Ran by filmmakers & artists who realized they also need to learn business.

The how

☞ Each filmmaker, writer and artist brings their own family, friends & fans contributing to the health of the collective.

☞ We build an audience together benefiting from cross-pollination across mediums.

☞ Engage in face to face conversations with your favorite filmmakers and artists online and on tours.

☞ Become an advocate for our Youth - the Creators Of Tomorrow by becoming engaged with the Creators Of Today.

☞ A one stop shop. (Coming Soon.)


How can I help?

☞ Filmabee is still powered by a team of two volunteers - Bogdan & Ivan. We can certainly use you.

☞ Are you a web designer, master of code, game developer, wizard of social media marketing? We'd love to chat.

☞ I'm an artist really feeling your core values Explore. Create. Empower.

Great! We can't wait to explore your work!

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Let's Go! Let's Filmabee!

A message from Founder Bogdan darev

Just before I turned 30, I quit my steadfast day job to pursue my dream of making movies. I had been working for years between 50 and 60 hours a week which only made me grow more frustrated and desperate with any attempts whatsoever to write, let alone make a movie. Downtrodden, my soul was suffocating, my body and mind had become a puppet. My heart - I didn’t even know where to start looking for its footsteps.

But cinema came to my rescue, for it demanded my presence. Not tomorrow, but now. At any cost! My fiancée at the time and I couldn’t hold on to each other, for she didn’t understand my love for the movies or the decision to break out of a bright corporate future. I returned the engagement ring, sold the big screen TV,  and started from scratch.

It has been 12 years since my life spiralled into a new galaxy. Starting on the starry pathway to making movies led me to an intimate self-discovery: unbridled self-destructive ambition was taking over my life. But with my family, friends and community championing my cause I continue to do what I love. Yet, like many artists, for the better part of my career, I waited to be discovered. Surely, there must be some angel with a promise full of cash to magically descend from the future of my destiny and finance my films. It still hasn’t happened. What has changed then?

For the longest time, I was disillusioned that my love for cinema would be my one and only saving grace. I realise today that I have lived in my own shadow, while the most beautiful and brightest moments of my story have always been just a word away. Guided by this realisation, in 2019 I reached out to Bulgarian communities across the US, and with the enthusiastic support of community leaders went on an 18 city tour with my film "There." In the summer we added 7 more cities in my home country, Bulgaria.

The "There" film tour was the start of a healing and heartfelt cross-cultural-conversation through the power of film. I had found my heart in the least expected of places - in my audience. Inspired and moved by the experience, FILMABEE was founded with a dream to give visibility to and empower filmmakers and artists across different disciplines to overcome financial hardship and focus on making art.

I invite you to join me in nurturing FILMABEE together.



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