Ever since spending 8 unbelievable years immersed in authentic 1970's Bulgaria, maestro Alexander Eppler's dream has been to craft kavals and play music for a living. A dream he has yet to see come true despite his superb world-renowned craftsmanship and musical talent. Recent health issues further complicate an already hard-fought struggle. Will this be his last chance?

As the incredible journey of making of a kaval is documented, Alexander Eppler and friends tell us his unbelievable story about living in Bulgaria. It was there that Alexander fell in love with Bulgarian music, the generous Bulgarian people and the breathtaking sound of the kaval. His teachers were some of the great kaval players in Bulgaria at the time - Dragan Karapchanski and Nikola Ganchev.

He is the first kaval player to be admitted to the Bulgarian State Conservatory, played in ensembles and weddings which, in his own words, lasted for days and required otherworldly stamina.

Moreover, maestro Alexander Eppler learned the authentic craft of making kavals in the early 70s while in Bulgaria, watching renowned Thracian kaval maker, Slavi Ivanov (Tonev) and others work their magic.

Today, in the distant 2017, maestro Alexander Eppler yearns to pass on this ancient knowledge for the generations to come.