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Yana (Stяukche)

"My goal has always been to develop, nurture and trust in my own artistic rhythm and expression and guide others in doing the same."

Explore Yana (Stяukche)'s blog "Unschooling the Artist Within Atelier."

Emily Weeks

"An art practice to me is a practice that, like Yoga, draws us closer to our true self. In some ways art is for me a compassionate exposition of the lonely interior of a human soul. "

Go on a unique exploration of yourself with Emily Weeks' blog.

Alexander Sylvester

"I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until these last 10 years that I really began to explore what it means to create meaningful art with the intention to be shared with the world.

At the heart of everything I aim to create, a focus on personal introspection coupled with exercising empathy for my subjects remains the driving force in my creative journey."

Explore Alexander Sylvester's blog and short films.

Petko Gyulchev

Petko and his team spend five years filming "Kalin And The Jail Team, " in a Bulgarian prison.

“You should never take away the dignity from anyone, even if they are in prison," shares Kalin, the psychiatrist of the prison.

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Mariya Apostolova

Conceived and executed during the stay-at-home order of 2020 in Seattle, "Checklist" marks the opening of our inaugural online Art Gallery.

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Penka Encheva

At age 68 this grandma emigrates to America from Bulgaria.

Two years later she becomes the star of a documentary.

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"It is quite baffling that the film industry continues to stubbornly offer mostly super hero and fantasy entertainment which continues to promote division and resolution of conflict by violence alone.

The industry fails to capitalize on cinema's inherent gift to teach, nurture and unite. All the while thousands of people across the globe humbly wait for their stories to be told." Learn more about director Bogdan, watch his film There.

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IN the spring of 2019 independent film director Bogdan Darev left his hometown Seattle to go on a tour with his documentary THERE. As interest grew so did the invitations to show the film. By the end of the year Bogdan connected to audiences face to face in 25 cities and 3 countries. This was the start of a heartfelt cross-cultural-conversation through the power of cinema.

Inspired and moved by the experience, Bogdan founded Filmabee to give visibility to and empower creators to overcome financial hardship and focus on making movies and art. More about the inspiration behind the creation in our Mission.