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“THERE is a lovely, lovely film filled with universal truths and told with a disarming pure honesty. My wife is from England, a small farming community in the southwestern part of the country.  She's crying now because you so moved her.”
Miamon Miller


IN the spring of 2019 independent film director Bogdan Darev left his hometown Seattle to go on a tour with his documentary THERE. As interest grew so did the invitations to show the film. By the end of the year Bogdan connected to audiences face to face in 25 cities and 3 countries. This was the start of a heartfelt cross-cultural-conversation through the power of cinema.

Inspired and moved by the experience, Bogdan founded Filmabee to give visibility to and empower creators to overcome financial hardship and focus on making movies, music and art.

The concept is simple. My fans are your audience and the other way around - all done in a cross-cultural conversation across mediums where all fans benefit from a curated selection of our content.