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1. We film-a-🐝 movies. In return, they love us back unconditionally. What can we learn from the people who make them?

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You drink coffee with us in a live video call, and connect face to face with the filmmakers you love & adore. That means you get to interact, and ask questions too. Curated by Executive Director and manager of the Romanian Film Festival, Otilia Baraboi. Curated by ARCS.

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JuLY 18th, 2020

Georgian Cinema with Maryna Ajaja

Join us for another discussion on Eastern European films hosted by Otilia Baraboi, manager of the Romanian Film Festival Seattle, and her special guest, Maryna Ajaja (poet and SIFF programmer).

We will discuss the Georgian film "In Bloom", as well as common themes and aesthetics in Eastern European cinema. You will recognize the "languid camera work of veteran Romanian New Wave cinematographer Oleg Mutu". Mutu also worked on the Cannes winning film 4,3,2 by Cristian Mungiu.  



From my protest at what I had seen...

Two young girls defy ancient patriarchal traditions in Georgia's stunning film entry for the Oscars.

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