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June 26th

The Short Films Of Alexander Sylvester

Why You Loved THERE


Vice President of Bulgaria Ms. Iotova

At the Sofia premiere. Inspired by the evening producer & director Bogdan published a reflection which you can read here.

   "My one word to describe the film is - Love.”
   "I finished watching 'In Bloom' about 11 pm but it took me some time to get a grip of myself. The story is so subtly built that it unexpectedly wrenched my heart and soul. Thank you, Filmabee, for the opportunity to see this film.”
“Very intense (and well shot) story from the dark past of ours Balkan countries. At the same time, always an actual meditation on human nature. Thank you, Filmabee.”
Nelly - AFERIM!
“I saw 'There' and the next day called my mother to ask for forgiveness.”
“How beautiful the feeling of participation and sharing is. The feeling of goodness and belonging. Of faith in the positive and the magic of 'This Baba.' Thank you that you are working to preserve our heritage - as Bulgarians, but also as humans beings of dignity.”
“Wonderful film. Thank God for people like Kalin. Would love to know if there is a way to support Kalin's work as well as the prison reform system in Bulgaria and the work with children. Keep up the good work of showing these films, Filmabee.”
“I feel your film 'There' on a level that speaks so deeply to my own experiences and struggles but also I feel for you and for your own story. And isn’t that what makes a great film? The ability to make us feel things buried deep inside ourselves, to transcend us into another place.”
“Watch this movie. Kalin is bighearted, and has realized a timeless truth: Evil is only overcome by goodness.”
“'There' is a lovely, lovely film filled with universal truths and told with a disarming pure honesty. My wife is from England, a small farming community in the southwestern part of the country.  She's crying now because you so moved her.”

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