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What can a psychological wound look like when expressed in art? What can this art reveal about our soul and the pathway toward healing?

YANA (Stяukche)

Unschooling the Artists Within Atelier

"Lesson for the Day: vision is always ahead of execution - and it should be." - David Bayles
Artistas Sin Miedo Challenge 2021


Introspective Musings

I have a feeling, feel free to call it whatever you choose, that has been brewing in me more and more about the relationship we have with this idea we call “Coincidence”. This feeling stems from being dead center between a place of spirituality and cold, scientific rationale. Deep down it’s not lost on me that we are wired to see patterns and make connections, as it’s benefited our innate instinct for survival and evolution of thought.
Serendipity - Life's Rhyme Scheme


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