presents a most delicious online workshop

Make Bread Not War

Presiyan "The Baker" Petrov
Fresh homemade bread, made by you, your family & friends comes to a city near you!


  • You choose what you pay. We have set the minimum at $10 per household.
  • 80% of all proceeds will go to Presiyan in Bulgaria, helping make his dream to own mill and a farm come true.
  • Receive an email "Bread workshop video". Be on your way to making your first bread!

Make your own starter

  • Keep your starter in a jar with the lid closed.
  • Mark the jar with a marker to have a visual record of how well the starter is rising.
  • Feed it every day until day seven.
  • When you feed it throw away 50% and add 50%.
  • When you make your bread use 90% of your starter and leave 10% to feed again repeating the process.




Presiyan "The Baker" Petrov

Presiyan has studied with some of the most well-known bakers in the world. He has participated in numerous food forums, festivals, different events and master classes. He thinks broadly and boldly and such are his dreams.

After turning down invitations to immigrate and open bakeries abroad, Presiyan stayed in Bulgaria where against all odds, he opened his own bakery in 2013. Presiyan is working towards building a mill and eventually owning a farm. His commitment to quality, health and simple, but radiant living shows in every loaf of bread he makes!