"My one word to describe the film is - Love.”
   "I finished watching 'In Bloom' about 11 pm but it took me some time to get a grip of myself. The story is so subtly built that it unexpectedly wrenched my heart and soul. Thank you, Filmabee, for the opportunity to see this film.”
“I saw 'There' and the next day called my mother to ask for forgiveness.”
“Very intense (and well shot) story from the dark past of ours Balkan countries. At the same time, always an actual meditation on human nature. Thank you, Filmabee.”
Nelly - AFERIM!
“How beautiful the feeling of participation and sharing is. The feeling of goodness and belonging. Of faith in the positive and the magic of 'This Baba.' Thank you that you are working to preserve our heritage - as Bulgarians, but also as humans beings of dignity.”
“Wonderful film. Thank God for people like Kalin. Would love to know if there is a way to support Kalin's work as well as the prison reform system in Bulgaria and the work with children. Keep up the good work of showing these films, Filmabee.”
“I feel your film 'There' on a level that speaks so deeply to my own experiences and struggles but also I feel for you and for your own story. And isn’t that what makes a great film? The ability to make us feel things buried deep inside ourselves, to transcend us into another place.”
“Watch this movie. Kalin is bighearted, and has realized a timeless truth: Evil is only overcome by goodness.”
“'There' is a lovely, lovely film filled with universal truths and told with a disarming pure honesty. My wife is from England, a small farming community in the southwestern part of the country.  She's crying now because you so moved her.”


Born in the winter of 2020 out of a passion for film and art.

With a vision to enrich the world through a cross-cultural pollination.

With a mission to create a collective where every dollar GIVES BACK.

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Romanian Film Festival Seattle & Filmabee have partnered up in a dream merger of passion for cross cultural pollination.

What can you expect? The unexpected, of course. But for now we start with a curated retrospective of films from the festivals' last six years as well as some rare Balkan gems.


"My goal has always been to develop, nurture and trust in my own artistic rhythm and expression and guide others in doing the same."

Yana (Stяukche) will start blogging in August. We're thrilled and very curious...

"An art practice to me is a practice that, like Yoga, draws us closer to our true self. In some ways art is for me a compassionate exposition of the lonely interior of a human soul. "

Go on a unique exploration of yourself with Emily Week's blog.

We're thrilled to have artist  & sculptor Mariya Apostolova join the hive. Her work "Checklist" opened our inaugural online Art Gallery and is available to experience HERE.

In a cross cultural dream partnership with Romanian Film Festival Seattle, six years in the running, we're thrilled to invite you to Virtual Cinema of Eastern Europe - a different kind of story. Learn more about Romanian Film Festival Seattle.

Petko Gyulchev's critically acclaimed ground-breaking film "Kalin And The Jail Team" is now streaming and 70% of rental purchases go to support Petko's filmmaking. Thank you!

"I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until these last 10 years that I really began to explore what it means to create meaningful art with the intention to be shared with the world. At the heart of everything I aim to create, a focus on personal introspection coupled with exercising empathy for my subjects remains the driving force in my creative journey."

Alexander Sylvester's blog and short films will premiere in June.

"It is quite baffling that the film industry continues to stubbornly offer mostly super hero and fantasy entertainment which continues to promote division and resolution of conflict by violence alone. The industry fails to capitalize on cinema's inherent gift to teach, nurture and unite. All the while thousands of people across the globe humbly wait for their stories to be told." Learn more about director Bogdan, watch his film There.

At age 68 Penka Encheva emigrates to America. Two years later she becomes the star of a documentary. Watch Penka in This Baba.

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In the spring of 2019 independent film director Bogdan Darev left his hometown Seattle to go on a tour with his documentary THERE. As interest grew so did the invitations to show the film. By the end of the year Bogdan connected to audiences face to face in 25 cities and 3 countries. This was the start of a heartfelt cross-cultural-conversation through the power of cinema.

Inspired and moved by the experience, Bogdan founded Filmabee to give visibility to and empower creators to overcome financial hardship and focus on making movies and art. More about the inspiration behind the creation in our Mission.

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